Reaal Wallet payments, from wallet to checkout

Accept reaalcoin

Accept reaalcoin payments for your business.

Securely store reaalcoin

Get a wallet and start using reaalcoin.

Spend anywhere

Turn reaalcoin into dollars and spend anywhere.

Get a Reaal Wallet and Start using reaalcoin

Store Card Vault

White labelled vault to store your customer’s card data. Your customers, your data. Simple APIs.

CVV-Less Transaction

A major technological breakthrough allowing repeat users to never input their CVV again.

PCI-DSS Compliant

Completely PCI DSS compliant solution. No need to worry about security!

Get a Reaal Wallet and Start using reaalcoin

Custom Mobile Browser

Responsible for Auto OTP generation by selecting the OTP option on all leading bank pages.

Auto OTP read

We read and submit OTP on behalf of the user, no need to fiddle between apps.

Magic Retry

A simple retry button preventing all drops related to network issues.

Turn reaalcoin into dollars and spend anywhere

Proof of value (PoV) execution

The Reaal Wallet Card lets you load dollars using any reaalcoin wallet, with 0% fees.

Get instant withdrawals from Visa® compatible ATMs and spend with any Visa® merchant.

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