Application designing and development has taken a global turn and the diversified applications and operating systems are merging into one. Designing separate websites and developing programs for different operating systems is always difficult as the no. of users on each of them has increased toa great deal. Mobile application development has taken a new turn, now, businesses are more careful about their investments and they want their appearance at all IDEs and operating systems without any more expenses.

Various operating systems in use, now-a-days, include Android, Windows Mobile, Symbian, BlackBerry, iOS, etc.
Mobile application development is possible for all of these; the application developed for one operating system should be such that is able to be run on all systems. All the above mentioned operating systems need special emulators and environments to run the applications. Now, they are well-versed with the .NET Framework related IDEs (Integrated Development Environment) and SDKs (Software Development Kit).

Shreyan Advisory offer Mobile application developmentalong with all the related state-of-the-art tools. The company offers various development environments as below:

  1. Adobe AIR: Through this environment, we may go for the mobile application developmentfor mobiledevices that will run on almost all operating systems. The supporting languages may be HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. while the application will run on iOS, iPod, iPad, and Android, etc.
  2. Android: The language used for this mobile application development will be Java and C++ while the IDE will include Project Kenai, Eclipse and Android plug-in.
  3. Appception:Ituses HTML5, JavaScript, etc. with Cloud IDE while it may be deployed only on Android.
  4. BlackBerry uses Java language and Eclipse as its IDE; it may only be used at BlackBerry.
  5. iOS SDK: It uses the Objective-C as language and Xcode as its IDE; it may be implemented on iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.
  6. VB.NET technologieswork on visual Studio IDE and runs on the platforms like Symbian, Windows and Windows Mobile.
  7. OpenPlug uses XML and Action Script and runs on almost all the operating systems except BlackBerry and a few others.

Mobile application development  is the need of the hour as more and more people are turning their attention to the mobile devices like BlackBerry, Tablets, iPhones, iPads, iPods, Mac PCs, Google Androids, and so on. An expert developer is the person who stays in contact with the requirements of the business to appear over all of these and other devices without designing separate websites for every type of device.

Mobile application development must have the knowledge of various up-to-date versions of the software sothat a specific computing device may keepthe given website online. The .NET Compact Framework is the one that uses C# and VB.NET technologies, works on visual Studio IDE and runs on the platforms like Symbian, Windows and Windows Mobile. Shreyan Advisory has not only latest equipment and up-to-date knowledge but also well-qualified and practiced personnel to handle the requirements and needs of the customers.

Mobile Application DevelopmentTesting:

The testing phase of the mobile application development is of great importance as it allows you to test your software’s capability, compatibility as well as accuracy. Various emulators are used for the purpose, each for singleIDE. In this context, we may keep in view the emulators like Google Android, SDK emulator, TestiPhone, MobiOne, BlackBerry Simulator, iPhoney, and so on.

The Mobile Application Development tools include MITE, Sikuli, Robotium, and Device anywhere. You may use any of these or any other tool that corresponds to the language and the IDE that you are using.Shreyan Advisory will enable you to use all superior technologies of both software and hardware with their perks at the optimum level.

The Mobile Application Development should be high performance, high quality, based on latest technology, and developed by high profile well-qualified and certified professionals. This sort of software will really be useful for your business development as it will contribute to the business’s development.

The Mobile Application Development may be deployed for food ordering, world-wide aviation industry, Workforce controlling product, financial system at BlackBerry and so on.

Mobile Application Development at Shreyan Advisory is something that is the need of the hour in the sense that it has turned the tables for various businesses. The no. of iPad, iPod, Tablet, Mac, Android, mobile phones, and BlackBerry users has mounted to billions and the most interesting thing is that the no. is increasing day by day. The company has top-notch facilities of software development at its premises.